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I went to Columbus last night to see the Dillinger Escape Plan, the Number 12 Looks Like You, and Knife The Glitter.
Needless to say, my neck is fucked, elbows are basically giant bruises, and i can barley talk. I got to sing with Greg from Dillinger on just about every song. I miss shows like that. 60 or 70 kids crammed into a tiny room for the love of music and not just for the fashion show.
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I put my copy of Brand New's 'Your Favorite Weapon' on vinyl up on Ebay.

2 days and 8 hours left.
Current bid: $198.99
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Rabbit Troop forever...

I've been suspended from work since Tuesday. I don't go back until Sunday. Bored as fuck.

I have literally just been watching the entire series of Home Movies box set.
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Fuck God, Fuck Government

I'm sorry, but Obama isn't the saviour. He's not going to fix everything. Yes, he's the lesser of two evils but he's not much better. Democrats and Republicans are the same party. Until someone steps up and says that they are pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, and is willing to not make choices for the country based on what Jesus would want, then count me out.

Everyone should have just voted Green. Two women, one black, one white. Best of both worlds, but no one would have known that because they refuse to look out past what their TV tells them.
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Ok, so, I don't post in here often so listen up.

The new Every Time I Die is nothing short of amazing. Download the song 'Leatherneck.'

Also, I might start posting in here again with random ramblings.

Consider yourself warned.
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